Check out or mural artist Franceska Julianna

To put the finishing touches on our interior at Jyros, we thought we would  reach out to an amazing local artist to get Medusa on our wall. Her works can be seen all over Sacramento and Elk Grove. Check her out on social media: or

Introducing our Medusa Fries

These won’t turn you stone, but it you will feel cursed if you don’t partake in at least a couple bites. Our freshly cooked fries, with your favorite choices of toppings.

Some of our favorite things… local beers

We offer a variety of local beers at Jyros. Never the same thing on tap, always twistin’ it up. In April, we will have Sacramento Area breweries in house to pair with your favorite Sando for a perfect lunch out of the office.

Join us March 15th!

Join us at our Grand Opening! March 15, rain or shine. Everything half off 11am to 9pm. Wear a toga and get a free sando! Swag, prizes… twisted party!